Hey everyone, I'm Nolan! I'm a filmmaker and content creator from Winnipeg. I grew up   filming random videos with my Dad's old Sony camcorder, which is where I discovered   my passion for making videos. Now I am blessed to have a career where I get to help   other people tell their story through videography and social media content creation. 

Nolan Koop

  Videographer, Photographer, Editor,    Content Creator, Social Media Manager.  

 Where are you located? 


I also take projects outside of Winnipeg!

 Do you work alone or with a team? 


I work alone on smaller projects but I have a great team to work with on bigger projects that require more help.

 Do you only do videography? 

Much more!

Aside from filmmaking I specialize in social media content creation for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. I also do photography and social media management.

 What kind of videos do I shoot? 


I don't limit myself to any type of video. I love creating a wide variety as it keeps my job exciting. I shoot Weddings, Commercials, Product Videos, Music Videos, Corporate, and more!

 What size projects do you take? 

All sizes

I am here to help you no matter how big or small the project is!

 Any other questions? 

Email me

Or you can quick chat with me by clicking the speech bubble in the bottom right corner.